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Omar Ochoa, Native Son of Edinburg, Brings His Nationally-Renowned Legal Successes and Top Academic Credentials as His Hometown’s New City Attorney

This article originally appeared in Titans of the Texas Legislature on February 13, 2019 and was written by Michael Martinez with contributions by Cary Zayas and David A. Diaz. Click here to be redirected. On Tuesday, November 27, 2018, the Edinburg Mayor and City Council unanimously appointed Omar Ochoa as Interim City Attorney, and on... read more

If You’ve Discovered Health Care Fraud, Then Our Whistleblower Lawyer Wants to Help You!

If you’ve made a career in health care as a physician, physician’s assistant, nurse, or an office employee, then you know just how rewarding the field can be. Now imagine having a rewarding career but suddenly discovering that your employer or fellow employee has been committing health care fraud. This scenario, unfortunately, becomes a harsh... read more

How Long Do Whistleblower Cases Usually Last?

At the Omar Ochoa Law Firm, we do our best to be as open and transparent with our clients as possible. After all, this is your case and we’re here to see that it reaches the best conclusion possible for you. If you’ve happened to discover some form of fraud committed by a health provider,... read more

Omar Ochoa Appointed Interim City Attorney for Edinburg

On Tuesday, November 27, 2018, the Edinburg Mayor and City Council unanimously appointed Omar Ochoa as Interim City Attorney. The appointment was effective immediately. As Edinburg City Attorney, Mr. Ochoa, an Edinburg native, serves as chief legal advisor to the City Council, City Officials, Advisory Boards, Commissions and staff to protect the interests of the... read more

5 Different Ways You Can Report Health Care Fraud

The last thing many of us expect when seeking medical attention is unknowingly being defrauded. But for many people working in the health care field, fraud is a topic that’s well-known and even experienced. If you happen to work for a health provider and have noticed some form of fraud or questionable practice, what should... read more

A Few Tips That Can Help Strengthen Your Whistleblower Case

Knowing if you have a strong qui tam (whistleblower) case can be quite confusing and requires specific details to ensure that it holds well in court. Presenting a whistleblower case itself is a different matter and is a responsibility that falls on your attorney, but know that there are a few things you can do... read more

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Dealing with Health Care Fraud

It's essential to know that, when speaking of the country’s health care system, incidents of fraud should not fall on a patient's shoulders. It isn’t unusual for patients to deal with charges for procedures that weren’t performed or procedures that should have been performed but weren’t. These are just two examples, but we’ll be going... read more