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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Dealing with Health Care Fraud

It's essential to know that, when speaking of the country’s health care system, incidents of fraud should not fall on a patient's shoulders. It isn’t unusual for patients to deal with charges for procedures that weren’t performed or procedures that should have been performed but weren’t. These are just two examples, but we’ll be going... read more

Hail Storm Damage: How to Go About Dealing with the Aftermath and an Insurer Acting in Bad Faith

This year marks the sixth anniversary of the disastrous hail storm that hit Mcallen in 2012. The storm left the city with an estimated $200 million cost in damages to both homes and businesses due to golfball-sized hail, winds and rain. Similarly, in early April, San Antonio and northern cities, such as Fort Worth, were... read more

5 Signs That Your Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith

We rely on our insurance company, regardless of what they’re protecting, to step in during our times of need. After all, many of us spend our hard-earned money to even afford a basic policy. Now, while many companies will fulfill their promises, some others will act in bad faith. This can leave you stranded, without... read more

Qui Tam Lawsuits: A Basic Overview of What They Are

Each year, lawsuits of various types and for different causes are filed in the United States. They can range from anything as simple as injuries sustained in a car accident to suing for wrongful termination. And since each lawsuit is different, the amount of time they take to be handled by a court varies as... read more

The Omar Ochoa Law Firm Proudly Presents Our New Website

For some time now, we’ve been very excited to show off our new website. If you aren’t familiar with our firm and the areas we practice, we’ll be going over that below. First though, we’d like to take the time to thank you for visiting. We hope that you’ll be impressed with what you see... read more